Our practitioners are passionate and experienced in their individual modalities.

Nicola Lowe

Naturopathy; Advanced Diploma (Herbal Medicine & Nutrition, Iridology, Homeopathy,)
Remedial Massage; Dip
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist; Certified professional
Biodynamic Cranial Touch; Certified
SCENAR Therapist; Certified
Member ATMS

A practitioner for over 30 years, Nicola continues to help many on their path to wellness. Her learning edge & passion grows in the service as a Craniosacral Therapist which over the past 10 years has had profound results for herself and many.  Nicola has studied a variety of modalities including a diploma in Oriental Massage (Shiatsu & Chinese) and is currently studying to be a meditation practitioner.

Nicola lives by the beach in Bonny Hills, is a keen surfer, hiker and adventurist. She is a mother and grandmother who has always used natural medicine as the first line of treatment, firmly believing that prevention is better than cure.

“I love working with people and seeing them become happier and healthier, but most of all I love watching people reconnect to a place of deep peace and self-understanding”.

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nicola lowe

Sandy Hugen

Hypnotherapy; Certified with Australian Institute of Therapeutic Hypnosis and
Registered with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy
Healing Touch; Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Inc, Unit 5
Tarot Reading

Sandy brings her passion and extended skills of enabling others and moving on, to the Wellness Clinic.
“Every person is unique and I believe that with identifying and removing the emotional barriers and/or obstacles, each person can gain their true sense of self, which allows them to live a happy and fulfilled life.”

She lives locally surrounded by family in Wauchope and benefits directly from her skills daily.

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Roxanne Fagan

Herbalist & Integrated Iridology

Roxanne followed her passion by completing an Advanced Diploma in 2005 in Western Herbal Medicine. She practices Intergrated Iridology after having studied under Toni Miller at her College of IRIS in 2006.

Her other practiced modalities include Bush Flower Remedy, Bach Flower Remedy and medicinal creams.

“When looking into someone’s eyes I am always struck by the beauty. How exciting to be able to see that person’s inherent health potential. I believe that throughout the ages Mother Nature has provided everything we need to be whole and healthy and that food is medicine and medicine is food.”

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roxanne fagan

Ngaio Richards

Chinese Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal Medicine
Taiwanese influenced Acupuncture
Dietary & Lifestyle Coaching
Laser Acupuncture

M.Hlth. Sc. (TCM), Dip. App. Sc. (Ac)
Member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Assoc. (AACMA)
Registered with both the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA) & AHPRA.

A maven acupuncturist, Ngaio began her training in the 1980's.

She has worked for decades in Sydney growing her special interest in the areas of fertility, pregnancy acupuncture and women's health from puberty to menopause & beyond. Treating the various ailments in these areas she has also honed skills in pain management and broader general practice.

An avid student, Ngaio recognises that keeping abreast of the changing health issues & patient's needs means regularly updating skills and her knowledge base.

Currently she divides her time serving the community at 'Forgiving Foods' (Laurieton), her Sydney practice 'House of Fertility & Healing' (Petersham) and 'Breathe Acupuncture' (Hannam Vale) where she now calls home.

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Ngaio Richards

Susi Kurteff

Healing Touch; Australian Foundation for Healing Touch Unit 5

Reiki and Aura-Soma were the fore runners for Susi, finally finding her space within Healing Touch.

With over 10 years experience Susi engages deeply with a heart-centred, caring relationship, which brings her and the client together energetically to facilitate their own self-healing.

“I’m passionate about enabling a positive difference in the lives of others. Energy judges not. It does not decide. It flows from intent and delivers.”

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susi kurteff

Broni Sanger

Trama Buster Technique® (TBT™) Practitioner

Broni has lived in Port Macquarie for the past 27 years surrounded by her loving Family.

Her Background in Health & Wellness began in the late 1980’s in Coffs Harbour as a Health Club owner Shotokan Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, and a Cert IV Fitness and Personal trainer.

These modalities although highly beneficial both physically and mentally still left her seeking more answers as to how she could assist herself and others with even more mind/ body health and wellness.

In 2019 at a chance meeting she heard about TBT a technique created by Rehana Webster. At first it sounded too good to be true.  After an initial appointment she decided to become a practitioner as this for her was one of the missing links to some of her many un-answered questions like:

Why do we find it so hard to move on from past trauma and continue to relive events? Why do we continually attract unwanted lifecycles that leave us feeling powerless to fully make significant change?

“I am truly passionate about helping both myself and others reach our full potential of growth along our life’s journey.”

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